Straight Plate
The Universal Spinal Anterior (USA) Straight Plate System provides anterior stabilization and fixation for unstable thoracolumbar vertebrae. A combination of Straight Plate, universal screws, self-locking screws, nuts and washers create a rigid, three-dimensional structure that resists pullout/pulloff. The Diamond-Lok Interconnect™ system gives the universal screw good rigidity at angulations up to six degrees from the plate hole axis.

· Low profile, top-loading
· Angulation of 6° max (from axis of plate hole) for flexible screw placement within vertebral body
· Slotted hole permits placement variations
· Lateral plate curvature of 21° across width
· Unicortical penetration of screws

Where product is "cleared" for use
· Cleared for use in Europe via CE Mark
· Clearance in the United States is currently being sought