A-Spine Holding Group Corp.'s rich intellectual property portfolio currently contains 121 worldwide patents of which 41 are in the pending state. According to geographical distribution, we hold 51 patents in Taiwan, with 7 patents pending, 38 United States patents with 12 pending, 16 China patents of which 12 are pending, 7 patents in Japan with 4 pending, and 9 in the European Community and 6 pending.

Our patents are well known for their breadth and innovative approach and have led to the development of three major series of spinal systems used in the cervical, thoracic cuvature, and lumbar curvature regions of the spine. Most of our patents utilize more than 2 patents and cover the entire spine.

Our products can be organized into three major systems: Cervo-Link System, Tri-Fix Spinal Fixation System and Vertabrae Disc Spacer. These can be further ordered according to spinal placement:

Anterior Approach

Cervical Fixation: Window Plate, Helix-(ccm) Cage, Vigor-C Spacer (S-type and R-type)

Thoracic Fixation: USA Narrow Plate, Verti-Fin Supporter, Verti-Com Vertebral Replacement.

Lumbar Fixation: USA Straight Plate, Fin Cage, Disc Spacer

Posterior Approach

Cervical Fixation: Cervo-Link, C-Clamp.

Thoracic and Lumbar Fixation: China Great Wall Scoliosis System, AF RF-3 Fracture System, Tri-Fix Rod System, Tri-Fix Plate System, Tri-Fix Reduction Rod System, Bullet Cage, Helix Cage, Vigor Spacer, ELD-Hook.