A-Spine's experience spans over the past three decades, a period of time that experienced the largest revolution in medical device design and materials. In the early 1970's, A-Spine's founders left successful careers at the leading global companies of that time, to begin designing and manufacturing their own products. Our earliest products are still licensed to some of the industry's largest manufacturers.

Since then, the company has grown extensively in terms of intellectual capital, technologies, and world renown. Our advisory board is composed of leading orthopedic surgeons in Taiwan, Japan, and recently the U.S. Meeting the challenging regulatory requirements for these markets has strengthened our technology and expertise.

As a primary market leader in Asia, we have recently expanded efforts to bring our line of products to the global market including the U.S. and Europe. Our presence also extends to South America and Africa, and soon Canada and Mexico.

All our products are based on industry wide safe and effective features. Our products follow the strict and stringent requirements of the major regulatory governing bodies in the world.

Through ongoing clinical research and experience, we incorporate our own key insights into implant function. Our hundreds of innovations are patented worldwide and add to the uniqueness of our products.

A-Spine's implants have been used in thousands of operations around the world. Our track record of safety and success in Asian markets is the single most important reason for our growth and popularity. All surgical techniques are developed by leading orthopedic surgeons and are based on accepted, industry-wide standards of operation. Instruments are designed to be easy to use and to deliver consistent results.

All products unless specifically noted are cleared through either or both European and/or US regulatory bodies.