Cervo-Link System

Cervo-Link is a posterior, cervical rod and plate system designed to stabilize the cervical region from the occiput to T3. Cervo-Link consists of plates, nuts, screws, hooks, links, and blocks which are configurable to fit the anatomical needs of the patient. The device promotes the fusion of the cervical spine and occipito-cervico-thoracic junction.

· Variety of hook and block combinations for different patient's needs
· Posterior system poses minimal risk to neurological structures
· Links to the TriFix System rods
· Versatility

Where product is "cleared" for use
· This product is not yet cleared for sale in any market

The occipital bone screws are limited to occipital fixation only.
The use of polyaxial screws is limited to placement in T1-T3 for thoracic conditions only