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SmartLoc MIS System
Product NameSmartLoc MIS System
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  Product Description
The SmartLoc® MIS System was created to offer a less invasive surgical option for pedicle screw placement.

The system incorporates anatomically driven solutions such as self-tapping cannulated polyaxial screws and pre-lordosed rods.

The instrumentation is ergonomically designed to allow for either a true percutaneous or Wiltse approach.

The SmartLoc® MIS system offers a simple, precise and efficient solution to spinal fixation.
  Product Specifications
  •  percutaneous approach
  •  for   Ø5.5 mm Rod

l  Degenerative spondylolisthesis with distinctive evidence of neurological impairment

l  Vertebral fracture

l  Spinal tumor

l  Dislocation

l  Scolliosis

l  Kyphotic deformity

l  Discogenic deformity

l  Failed previous fusion