Global Spinal Market
The spinal implant market is expecting explosive growth in the next decade. Studies show that an aging global population will lead to an increasing demand for orthopedic cases. There are a number of trends that will affect the market, including more surgeons with greater specialization, improved surgical tools, products and simpler procedures due to minimal invasive surgery. These factors will bring a significant number of patients into surgery since operations will become simpler, with less risk, and surgical outcomes more favorable due to a combination of better surgeon training, better designed products and easier procedures.

Asian Spinal Market
Recent studies show that the Asian market for orthopedic products is both unknown and untapped. Asia, which makes up over 60% of the world population, proves to be an explosive market. In the past, the market was hampered due to a number of issues including; time spent per patient, fear of surgical procedures and doctors with insufficient and lack of proper training as well as a shortage of doctors, especially in China. An expanding patient base due to increasing disposable incomes, better educated patients, better trained physicians has all made Asia a fertile ground for orthopedic procedures.

The global market for spinal implants has been dominated by procedures that can be categorized as "conventional" and "new".  Conventional procedures include metal interbody fusion, cervical fixation as well as thoracolumbar fixation devices. New procedures include artificial discs, VCF treatments, thermal therapies, spinal growth factors, spinal bone grafts and machined bone. While major orthopedic companies have focused on the conventional market, studies show that the growth rate for those categorized as new procedures will outpace that of conventional products in the next five years. Positioning A-Spine in this sort of market focuses on crossing the threshold of conventional procedures and introducing new procedures to the worldwide market at large. Additionally, our strength lies in our network of physicians and university research institutions across worldwide. Increasing this research support network allows us to educate physicians who have a firsthand influence on patient health.

Since entering the orthopedic market as A-Spine Holding Group Corp. two years ago, the rapid growth of the orthopedic market worldwide has fed our expansion into Asia, the United States and Japan. In Asia, we have seen rapid expansion; our technology, both innovative and cutting-edge, is beginning to be realized by other competitors in the market. Currently ASH holds 60% of the market in Taiwan, 30% in China, 10% in Korea and 25% in the greater Asian market outside Japan. We expect excellent performance in Great China and other Asian markets in the coming year. In the United States, the world's  largest market for orthopedic products, our innovative second-generation technology has caught the eye of many well-established orthopedic companies. In Japan, the world's  second largest market, in which we hold 5% market share, our products continue to receive high acclaim and look forward to profitability in the near future.